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Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 1, 2009

US ethanol ventures to Vietnam

Biofuel International 20 January 2009

Agresti also plans to start building its first US project in Kentucky in Q2
Indiana, US-based Agresti, an ethanol-making venture, has signed an agreement with Vietnam’s Phuc Yen Co. to build and operate ethanol facilities in Vietnam.

Agresti’s venture will produce ethanol from landfill waste in Vietnam using a gravity-pressure-vessel technology.

Formerly known as Indiana Ethanol Power, Agresti plans to start building its first US project in Pike County, Kentucky in Q2 2009.

The gravity-pressure-vessel technology that Agresti obtained from GeneSyst International consists of a 2,000-foot-deep hole driven into the ground and lined with steel.

A slurry of oatmeal-like cellulose processed from trash drops into the shaft under extreme pressure and heat.

The sugar-like substance is pumped back up for distillation into the automotive fuel ethanol.


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