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Thứ Hai, 16 tháng 2, 2009

Continued growth in biofuel crops

FARMERS GUARDIAN News | 16 February, 2009
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CONTINUED growth in the production of crops for biofuel is predicted in a new report. And it says the fuel versus food argument is less of an issue in most regions than the media portrays.Biofuels - Their impact on Crop Production World Wide, has been produced by international agribusiness marketing consultancy, Innovation Management.

The 120 page report says three regions and three crops dominate the first generation biofuel scene today- and will continue to dominate it for the next five years.

These are bio-ethanol from both Brazilian sugar cane and US corn, plus biodiesel from oil seed rape in the EU.

“There are few countries where some form of biofuel production is not underway or planned. China will become a leading bio-ethanol producer from corn or cassava,” it says.

While saying ‘fuel versus food’ is is less of an issue in most regions, it acknowledges that it is influencing policy in certain regions such as China. There, the emphasis is switching from corn to cassava as the feedstock.

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